Hi guys! Are you a car lover? If the answer is yes, do not skip the chance to play Parking Mania Game. This car parking game will put you behind the wheel of many vehicles, not just normal cars but also sports cars, police cars, big trucks, semi-trucks and so on.

What to expect in Parking Mania Game?

Parking Mania Game

Parking a car is a nightmare of any novice driver. Even seasoned drivers still have trouble with it. Why don’t you play Parking Mania Game to improve your parking skills? Furthermore, you can also earn money from parking cars.

Parking Mania possesses the crisp two-dimensional graphics with a simple control mechanism. You just use the arrow keys to control the steering wheel and drag the pedal to reverse or accelerate the vehicle. You will be put in a different car in each level, such as small cars, sports cars, fireman’s cars, powerful trucks, etc.

The huge arrows on the street will guide you to your destination. You need to park your car on a flashing green slot to finish the level. The subsequent levels will challenge you with tighter turns, denser traffic, and so forth. However, the most difficult one must be multiple tasks, like driving vehicle A to the parking space B, and then taking car C to the spot D, and so on. Obviously, you need to avoid hitting other vehicles and static obstacles when you are driving around the parking lots. Crush the obstacles five times and the game will end.

Parking Mania Game

You will earn money for each parked car. Moreover, extra cash will be added thanks to the number of hits and the remaining time limit when you end the level. Do not miss the chance to collect gold coins and hidden power-ups along the way. At the end of the level, you will be rewarded the stars ranking depending on how attentive, fast, and accurate you were. Additionally, you do not need an insurance policy when playing this game.

Even though the game is simple, it is still a trouble for any dimensionally challenged gamer. You have to be good at dimension to conquer Parking Mania Game. However, you will be addicted to its smooth execution, crisp bitmap graphics, and immediate feedback from the controls. Last but not least, you can play your own tunes to make the atmosphere more exciting and stimulating. Do not be shy to exhibit your noble victory.

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