Parking Mania 2

Parking Mania 2
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Still interested in cars, guys?

If yes, then Parking Mania 2 is a perfect choice for you.

It’s time to test your skills in this fast-paced car parking game!

You will be put behind the wheel of many different vehicles, starting from the small car to the sports car, semi-truck, big truck and even fireman truck.

Like the prequel, Parking Mania Game, the task here is all about parking.

Are you ready? Let’s steer your wheel!

About Parking Mania 2:

Parking Mania 2

For players who are the big fan of parking games, don’t hesitate to give Parking Mania 2 a go. This is a hugely popular game will bring both fun and frustration to your gaming experience.

Throughout 50 different levels, you has to deal with a very simple objective – parking your little car in the designated parking spots accurately.

However, it’s not that easy.

You must park the vehicle within the limited time in order to complete the task perfectly.

The game starts out without giving you stress; however, as progressed, the levels become more and more difficult. Therefore, be careful while driving your car to any assigned slot.

If you hit objects or other cars on the road more than 5 times, the game will be over.

Players parking the car in a fluid motion or clearing each stage quickly will receive great bonuses.

Do you want to earn much money?

Then you must pick up every coin at the end of every journey for an extra 500.

Again, try your best NOT to crash into people, cars or other obstacles. You can earn 3 gold stars per level if finishing the task without damaging your car.

Now, let’s demonstrate your parking skills and figure out how much money you can bring home!

Cool Features:

  • A library of 50 increasingly difficult levels was specially designed to challenge your car control and parking skills.
  • Feel the vibration whenever you collide.
  • Decent music tracks.
  • Freely create your own tunes.
  • Supply you with more than 20 various vehicles to steer, from sports cars to big trucks.
  • Upload your scores to the Leaderboard and see where you rank – prepare for humiliation or adulation.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The goal of this game is not to hit anything part of your car.
  • Once the mission begins, you are advised to perform slowly and steadily.
  • Determine the right time whether you should speed up a little or slow down.
  • When moving to the parking spot, please speed up. When getting closer the parking spot, then you have to slow down.
  • Follow the red arrows as the direction in order to beat the level.

How to Play Parking Mania 2?

Use the arrow keys to navigate the vehicle and drag the pedal to accelerate it.

Steer and drive the car forward and backward until it is parked in the highlighted spot.

Final Words:

Come to Parking Mania 2 and you will have exciting, fun moments playing with cars.

There is a large selection of vehicles to choose from, such as the normal car, speedy sports car, police car, powerful truck, and so on.

In case you are a novice driver, this game can help you improve your parking skills.

The crisp two-dimensional graphics is claimed to make the game lively. Once setting foot here, you will feel like you are driving for real. How fantastic is it!

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